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Are you trying to lower your cholesterol? A lot of us are these days, and while it’s very important, it can also feel pretty tricky a lot of the time. Putting together a cholesterol-friendly breakfast when you’ve got seventeen other things to do in the mornings can be difficult – but it doesn’t have to be. With our guide below in hand, you’ll soon find that you spend less time lingering in front of the fridge wondering what to cook, and more time eating delicious, cholesterol-friendly meals.

Eating for a low cholesterol: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas

Struggling to find recipes that’ll help you on your cholesterol-lowering quest? Try some of these breakfast, lunch and dinner suggestions from our ProActiv recipe list:


Make a green smoothie. Follow up your morning cereal with one of our delicious green smoothie recipes. They’re a great way to help lower cholesterol, too: each recipe includes either our light but creamy-tasting Flora ProActiv skimmed milk, or a fruity boost from our mini drinks*.

Dish up some tasty homemade granola. Okay, so granola is more of a treat than an everyday meal, but team our delicious honey-roasted granola recipe up with Flora ProActiv skimmed milk, and you’ll be getting a great start to the day. Enjoy with plenty of fresh fruit.

Top eggs with smoked salmon for a classic combo. Slather a hot English muffin with Flora ProActiv spread, pop a lightly poached egg on top, and then add a generous amount of smoked salmon for a gorgeous eggs royale. Speedily wilt some spinach to finish up.


Get a zesty boost from our citrus sardines. Sardines are high in a type of unsaturated fat, specifically ‘fish omega-3’, which is thought to help contribute to the normal functioning of the heart.

Try our easy chicken and pesto open sandwich. If you want a low cholesterol, chicken recipes might be a good substitute for deli meats like salami and pastrami, which can be high in saturated fat. This easy, tasty sandwich is a real winner.

Make our flavoursome falafel with aubergine dip. These lightly spiced treats are perfect topped with our rich roasted aubergine dip.


Try our bright and lemony smoked salmon spaghetti. Wholewheat spaghetti makes this luxurious meal a little more saintly thanks to extra fibre.

Swap steak for stuffed aubergines. When you’re aiming for low cholesterol, meats can be the hardest source of saturated fat to resist. This vegetarian recipe is so full of flavour that you won’t miss a thing.

Show off with our baked trout with almonds. Perfect to make for a partner, these delicious parcels of fresh fish are wonderful teamed with new potatoes.

Cholesterol myths and facts to help you make meals

These are all great recipes, but what about when you want to go it alone? Here’s a few rules to bear in mind when creating your recipes:

  1. Eating cholesterol won’t be the thing that gives you high blood cholesterol. So there’s no need to seek out a list of foods low in cholesterol. A list that might be more useful is this one: delicious cholesterol-lowering foods to try.
  2. When people recommend a low fat, low cholesterol diet, they mean a diet that’s low in saturated fat. You still need fat in your diet. Just avoid foods high in saturated fat, such as fatty red meat and meat products, full fat dairy, and baked goods.
  3. Foods high in unsaturated fats are your friend. Replacing those missing saturated fats in your diet with unsaturated fats can help to lower cholesterol levels. Find out more here.
  4. Maintain the balance. Make sure you’re getting the right amount of each food group.

Every little helps when it comes to cholesterol. For more advice and support, download our Cholesterol Lowering Starter Kit here, or check out our low cholesterol diet and food list here for more recipe inspiration. Bon appetit!