How does Flora ProActiv lower cholesterol?

Flora ProActiv contains plant sterols, which are proven to significantly reduce cholesterol. The cholesterol lowering properties of plant sterols have been known since the 1950s and are supported by a large body of scientific evidence. Independent studies show 2g plant sterols per day can reduce cholesterol by 10 – 15%* when also moving to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

*Average 10% reduction over 3 weeks based on daily consumption of 2g plant sterols and an additional 5% from the move to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Can I find plant sterols in other foods?

Plant Sterols work

Plant sterols are naturally found in foods such as vegetable oils, fruits and vegetables in very small amounts. These foods are important to include in a balanced, healthy diet, however, they contain only tiny quantities of plant sterols – too little to have significant impact on cholesterol.

How much do I need to eat?

How much do I need to eat

To significantly lower cholesterol, the optimum intake of plant sterols is 2 - 2.5g daily. That means all you need each day is 25g (1 rounded tablespoon) of Flora ProActiv a day (2g plant sterols) as part of a healthy diet. It’s that easy. Eating more than 3g of plant sterols does not provide additional benefits.