What is Flora ProActiv?

Flora ProActiv is a spread enriched with plant sterols. The plant sterols in Flora ProActiv® actively reduce cholesterol absorption. Managing cholesterol is an important factor in helping to maintain a healthy heart.

How does Flora ProActiv taste?

Flora ProActiv has the great taste of Flora®. Plant sterols are tasteless and odourless and therefore do not affect the flavour of food.

Is Flora ProActiv suitable if I'm taking cholesterol lowering medication?

We recommend you discuss the use of Flora ProActiv with your doctor.

How much should I use?

25g (1 rounded tablespoon) of Flora ProActiv (containing 2g plant sterols) a day should be consumed. This is equivalent to spreading Flora ProActiv® on 3 slices of bread a day. We recommend using Flora ProActiv® as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. The use of a plant sterol spread is only one way of managing cholesterol, check with your doctor for more advice.

What happens if I eat less than 25g per day?

Flora ProActiv® will still reduce cholesterol absorption if you eat less than 25 grams per day. However the effect will not be as great. What will happen if I stop eating Flora ProActiv? Missing out on your daily intake of Flora ProActiv® for a day or two will not cause a problem. However, plant sterols will actively reduce the absorption of cholesterol only if consumed on a regular basis i.e. 25 grams (1 heaped tablespoon) equivalent to 3 slices of bread a day. When making dietary changes, try to implement them on a long-term basis in order to obtain the maximum benefit.

Can my cholesterol go down too far?

No. While continued use of Flora ProActiv as a part of a healthy diet will reduce cholesterol absorption, your body continues to produce enough cholesterol to meet its needs.

Does my Flora ProActiv Light have the same effect as the regular spread?

Yes, the Light variant contains the same amount of plant sterols so you only need to eat 25 grams each day as with the standard spread.

Is Flora ProActiv Light vegetarian?

No. It contains gelatine, which is from animal origin. We are in the process of removing gelatine from our light products. Please check the ingredient listing to see if it contains gelatin. If gelatin is used it is always declared on label. Are Flora ProActiv spreads vegetarian? Flora ProActiv Original contains milk and is therefore suitable for lacto-vegetarians.

Can I use Flora ProActiv if I am diabetic?

Flora ProActiv will not interfere with an individual’s insulin requirements, however, always consult your doctor.

Is Flora ProActiv suitable for children, pregnant and lactating women?

We do not suggest that pregnant or lactating women and children under 5 use the product, because these groups have special nutritional needs and do not usually require a cholesterol lowering diet. Flora ProActiv is specifically designed for people with cholesterol above recommended levels and is marketed as such. In this instance, consult your doctor.

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