Plant sterols naturally occur in small quantities in vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, grains, fruit, and vegetables. You can also find them (in greater concentrations) in Flora ProActiv products, to which these helpful substances are added. In more than 50 clinical studies, plant sterols have been proven to significantly lower cholesterol*.

Although we all eat plant sterols every day in our diet, the amount we eat is typically not enough to have an effect in lowering cholesterol absorption.

Watch our video below to discover what plant sterols are and where they come from. Or you can scroll down for more information on plant sterol foods.

How do they lower cholesterol absorption?

Plant sterols are clinically proven (based on 30 clinical studies) to significantly reduce cholesterol absorption from food. The cholesterol that isn’t absorbed is removed from the body. As a result, less cholesterol circulates in our system.

How much do I need?

Guidelines for cholesterol management recommend consuming 2-3g of plant sterols per day from plant sterol-enriched foods.

Simply by consuming 25g (one rounded tablespoon, containing 2g of plant sterols) of Flora ProActiv every day as part of a healthy diet can lower your cholesterol in as little as three weeks. Keep using Flora ProActiv to help keep cholesterol down as part of a healthy lifestyle. Consuming more than 3g of plant sterols per day does not provide additional benefits.

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