Managing your cholesterol

There’s plenty you can do to control your cholesterol. Simple lifestyle changes, like eating a healthier diet, taking more exercise and giving up smoking can really help. As well as cutting down on saturated fat, eating a diet rich in fruit and vegetables and high in dietary fibre can help your cholesterol. Flora ProActiv can also lower your cholesterol. Flora ProActiv contains natural plant sterols which have been scientifically proven to reduce cholesterol. Get useful tips and information on how to lower cholesterol. Find out more about Flora ProActiv.

Flora is committed to improving the world’s heart health. With over 40 years experience of developing heart-healthy products we understand the importance of managing cholesterol in adults, so if you know you are affected by cholesterol, now’s the time to take some simple steps towards a healthy heart.

If you have cholesterol above recommended levels, a good first step is to adjust your diet and lifestyle. Here are a few dietary changes you can make to help your cholesterol.

Reduce Bad Fats