Heart healthy eating is tasty and easy, especially when you’re in the comfort of your own kitchen where you have control over the ingredients and preparation of the meal. But, what happens when someone else is cooking? With these tips you can still enjoy heart healthy eating even when you’re not dining at home. Developing a healthy lifestyle starts and ends with eating. If you can maintain a balanced diet in and out of the home, you’ll be in a much better place mentally and physically.

Colourful salads - Salads make a great main course or a tasty side. But even with this seemingly fool-proof healthy choice, there are a few things to be weary of. When you order a salad make sure it has plenty of fresh vegetables with small amounts of lean protein like chicken, lamb or salmon instead of fried bacon or sausage. Dressings can make a difference too, so ask for creamy dressings on the side and only have a small amount, or opt for salads with oil or vinegarette dressing instead. Switching up your salad to keep it as healthy as possible doesn’t mean you have to compromise taste!

  1. Fantastic Fish
    Eating out is a great time to enjoy something you might not cook at home. So make sure you take advantage of having a professional chef who can prepare tasty fish or seafood to perfection. Not only is it delicious, but fish such as salmon and tuna are sources of omega-3 fatty acids which are good for the heart and overall cardiovascular health. Fish is also a great source of lean protein, a key component of a balanced diet.
  2. Go with the grain
    Even when you are dining out try to go for whole grains like you would at home. Look for brown rice sushi, quinoa salad or legume-based salads that are now more common at restaurants, cafes and takeaway salad bars. Eating grains is a great way to get the necessary protein and fiber that you need.
  3. Go for grilled
    Grilling is a great way to cut down on calories and add loads of flavour. Other preparation methods such as roasting, steaming, smoking or sautéing are great choices as well and are lower calorie alternatives to frying. This is another option that won’t compromise the taste of your meal while keeping you on track for healthy eating.
  4. Dessert, 2 spoons
    Everybody has a sweet tooth and its okay to indulge every now and then, but often the portion sizes at restaurants are excessive for one person. So, if you do decide to go for dessert, find a companion or two to share it with! You’ll get the same taste while avoiding over indulgence at the dinner table!