Flora ProActiv’s top fitness tips will help inspire you to stay active not only physically but also socially during the colder months.Developing a healthy lifestyle is an all-year commitment, and these tips are here to help you get there.

Fab fitness tips

  1. Build weight training into your fitness routine. Weight training is something that can easily be done indoors. It can also help to strengthen bones and muscles while helping to maintain a healthy body weight. It’s important to remember that weight training doesn’t have to be high impact or high weight. More repetitions at lower weight are just as good of an option when your goal is a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Alternate more intense exercise with ‘active rest’, for example walking or stretching. On sunny days bundle up and head outside for a stroll. When the weather is not as nice, stay in and do some stretching. Try not to overexert yourself during exercise as doing so can end up hurting your body more than helping it. Incorporating active rest is one way to keep it balanced.
  3. Try aqua aerobics. This aquatic sport is ideal for the winter months since classes are typically held at an indoor pool. It is also low impact and the resistance from the water can improve strength and limit joint stress. In addition, pool activity strengthens the muscles and tendons around major joints like shoulders, knees and wrists.
  4. Tidy up the garden by sweeping, raking and cutting back last year’s growth – not only is it a great way to warm up it can also help you to keep fit. There’s nothing like getting a bit of exercise with some extra motivation around the house!
  5. Wear the appropriate clothing, including multiple layers on colder days and footwear which is suitable for the activity at hand. Doing activities with inadequate clothing can lead to potential injury. Set yourself up for safe exercise and you’ll be rewarded when you’re done.

Super social tips

  1. Organise a local event to raise money for charity or celebrate a happening in your town. Ask the local paper if they’ll promote your event for free.
  2. Get chatting to other dog walkers when you’re out with your dog. If you don’t have one, tag along with a neighbour when they walk theirs.
  3. Start researching your family tree. It’s a good excuse to get in touch with relatives and to peruse the library or local records office.
  4. Join a club. Go to your community center or look online for local groups who meet up to sing, walk, play bridge or talk about everything from food to books and films.
  5. Volunteer at your local second-hand shop or library – it’s rewarding and an excellent way to meet new people.

Keeping up with fitness and social activity in the colder months isn’t only healthy for you physically. The mental satisfaction you get from exercise and socialising can improve your lifestyle and lead to a healthier you.