I was aware cholesterol was related to diet and that high cholesterol put you at higher risk of heart disease, but I just never thought it would affect me.

After having my cholesterol tested, I was advised that I was in a high risk category and I decided to go on the Flora ProActiv 21 Day Challenge to lower my cholesterol.  I realised it was time to make some changes, and probably starting with an overhaul of my diet! With these simple changes I lowered my cholesterol to 5.0.

Nick’s Diet and Exercise

Prior to starting the 21 Day Challenge, I used to eat a lot of fried food. As part of the programme, I cut out a lot of “Bad Fats” and replaced my usual milk with Flora ProActiv milk. I have also swapped my normal butter to the Flora ProActiv Light spread. Instead of eating a mid-morning snack, I now drink the Flora ProActiv mini drinks. My wife has been very helpful getting me on track too, as she cooks most of the meals (she is the better cook!).

I have a Weimaraner and they require lots of stimulating and exercise, so walking for 1 and a half hours a day is not unusual for me. I also kitesurf three or four times a week, weather permitting.