This is a great way to add variety to your walk or run, plus adding strength exercises gives better all-round fitness.

A) To warm up, start by walking or jogging very gently. If you haven’t run before, start this at a walking pace. Add in 20 – 30 seconds of running as you start to get fitter. Also try some mobilising exercises to give you a more thorough warm up, e.g. as you are walking try coming up onto your toes and down onto your heels, lifting your knees, and curling your legs back to bring your heels to your bottom. Do 10 of each movement and repeat. Finally swing your arms back and forth. Warm up for a minimum of 5 minutes.

B) Pick up the pace by walking briskly or going into a run. Walk or run for 2 minutes.

C) Find a bench, low wall or step and do some slow step ups. Aim for a bench that’s 10 or more inches high or go up two steps at a time. Go very slowly, making sure you stand up tall and keep the whole of your foot on the step (see step up tips in ‘Intense Cardio Workout’. Repeat 15 – 20 steps on each foot.

D) Walk or run for a further 2 minutes.

E) Find another bench or low wall. Place your hands on the wall or bench, and perform a ‘press and leg pull’. Remember to stretch out afterwards by following one of the Stretching Exercise workouts.

Also try: circuit classes, team and racquet sports, gym workouts and combat classes