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Breakfast is often the hardest meal to get right when you’re trying to eat healthily. You’ve just woken up, and your decision-making faculties are not yet in action. Or you’re scrambling to get out of the house, maybe while also shooing apathetic teenagers to school or trying to dress little ones. Whatever you’re doing, healthy eating is often not the first thing on your mind.

There are, however, ways to eat well even at this time in the morning. How about trying some healthy green smoothies for breakfast? There are lots of tasty green smoothie recipes – the idea is infinitely flexible – and they are so easy to make that you can whip up a batch while packing your bag for the day. Here are a few easy green smoothie recipes to help get you started.

3 tasty green smoothie recipes to try this week

1. Avocado and Almond

Avocado might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to green smoothie recipes, but it is surprisingly tasty whipped up and drunk. The creamy texture of the avocado makes it a great alternative to yogurt – the trick is to only use those that are very ripe.

Chop an avocado into your blender and add a tablespoon of ground almonds. Then finish with some Flora ProActiv skimmed milk – the amount you use will depend on your preferred consistency, but we usually say a serving for one person is 250mls, which provides 0.75g of plant sterols. Bear in mind that Flora ProActiv products are intended to help those who want to lower their cholesterol – if that’s not you, use regular skimmed milk instead*.

Go for a milkshake type thickness to start, and see how you find it. This is a great option for those who don’t like anything too sweet in the morning, but if you want you could also add a dash of honey or natural sweeteners to the mix.

2. Kiwi and Strawberry

If you’re more of a fruit person first thing, this is one of our favourite healthy green smoothie recipes. To make one portion, cut the tops off about seven strawberries and scoop the middle out of two kiwis, then add both to the blender. To give your smoothie a nice creamy flavour (and 2g of plant sterols), add a Flora ProActiv original mini drink*. This is best enjoyed alongside a meal – it makes a wonderfully vibrant contrast to your morning cereal, for example.

3. Banana, Spinach and Nut Butter

So we’ve discussed veggie smoothies and we’ve discussed fruit smoothies – how about combining the two? It may seem like an odd combination, but banana and spinach actually taste great together. Add a little nut butter and 250ml Flora ProActiv skimmed milk per serving (providing 0.75g plant sterols), and you’re in business*. When it comes to the nut butter, we love the combination of banana, spinach and cashew, but play around and see what you like best. Hazelnut, walnut and peanut are all good options too.

Those are just some quick ideas. The great thing about recipes for green smoothies is that you can adapt them to your own tastes. Once you’ve found the flavours you like, rustle them up first thing in the morning then enjoy whenever you like.