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Vegetarian courgette burgers with orange carrot salad

Barbecues don’t have to be dull for vegetarians! These courgette and chickpea burgers are a delicious option, served with a fresh orange carrot salad to give the dish an extra lift.
  • cookingtimeCooking time20 minutes
  • preparation timePrep time10 minutes
  • servingsServings2 portions
recipe image Vegetarian courgette burgers with orange carrot salad


  • 120 grams chickpeas drained
  • 1 onion
  • 2 tbsp Flora Original
  • 1 tsp freshly ground black pepper
  • 200 grams courgette
  • 300 grams carrots
  • 1 orange
  • 3 tbsps coriander finely chopped
  • 2 lettuce leaves
  • 1 tsp curry powder
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 2 wholemeal rolls
  • 2 tbsps tomato ketchup
  • 20 gram Flora ProActiv Light

Nutritional facts

Energy (kcal)548 kcal
Energy (kJ)2304 kJ
Protein (g)21.8 g
Carbohydrate incl. fibre (g)94.0 g
Carbohydrate excl. fibre (g)76.3 g
Sugar (g)24.8 g
Fibre (g)18.5 g
Fat (g)13.2 g
Saturated fat (g)2.8 g
Unsaturated fat (g)5.3 g
Monounsaturated fat (g)2.2 g
Polyunsaturated fat (g)3.1 g
Trans fat (g)0.0 g
Cholesterol (mg)76 mg
Sodium (mg)486 mg
Salt (g)1.41 g
Vitamin A (IU)25795 IU
Vitamin C (mg)79.4 mg
Calcium (mg)248 mg
Iron (mg)6.80 mg
Potassium (mg)1664 mg


  1. Rinse the chickpeas in a sieve and drain well. Peel and quarter the onion. Put the onion with a knob of Flora Original and some black pepper in a piece of foil. Grate the courgette coarsely.
  2. Peel the carrot and grate it finely. Thinly grate the orange peel and squeeze the fruit. Spoon the zest and juice with 2 tbsp of the coriander and black pepper into the grated carrot. Wash the lettuce, pat the leaves dry and cut them into strips.
  3. Place the onion bundles on a piping hot barbecue, or directly between the coals. Grill the bundles for about 20 minutes.
  4. Heat 1 tbsp Flora Original and fry the courgette on a medium heat for about 5 minutes. Add the curry powder. Take off the heat. Blitz the chickpeas in a food processor. Add the yolk and mix briefly. Spoon the chickpea mixture into the courgette mixture with the rest of the coriander and season with black pepper. Form 2 burgers.
  5. Place the burgers on the barbecue and cook them for 3 to 4 minutes until lightly browned on both sides and cooked through.
  6. Cut the rolls open and spread them with Flora ProActiv Light. Divide the lettuce over the rolls, place the burgers on top, followed by the grilled onions and ketchup. Serve the rolls with the carrot salad on the side.